How do I return an item?

Please email customer service regarding information on the item being returned or in dispute about receipt of your item.

Please note that it is company policy that return postage is borne by the customer. Where this reason for the return relates to damaged goods or defective products then at the discretion of Orobelle Australia, the customer may be re-imbursed for the cost of the return postage.

All requests for refunds or return of products must be made in writing by email to or letter to Orobelle Australia, Customer Service Team, PO Box 1325, Hawksburn Vic. 3142.

Dispute about receipt of your item;

Orobelle takes extreme care to ensure all customer orders are fully and accurately shipped in line with what has been ordered. In instances where a Customer disputes what product has been received or whether the order has been received in full all disputes must be made in writing to Customer Service Team in the first instance. Send by email to or letter to Orobelle Australia, Customer Service Team, PO Box 1325, Hawksburn Vic. 3142.

Where there is a dispute in the quantity of items received versus what was ordered it is company policy that a legally signed Statuatory Declaration be sent with any documentation in relation to this dispute to the Customer Service Team. As stated Orobelle has checking processes in place to ensure orders are dispatched in accordance with what was ordered and in these rare instances where a Customer claims non-receipt or insufficient receipt then this Statuatory Declaration needs to be signed and submitted with the dispute.

Our general guidelines are as follows;

Acceptable Requests for Refund include;

- Where we are required to do so by law
- The terms or conditions of our products are altered in any way after the deal has been purchased
- The goods are defective or damaged on receipt

Unacceptable Requests for Refunds include;

- You failed to read all the product details and/or failed to acknowledge the relevant terms and conditions of our sale
- If you change your mind after purchase for any reason

We take extreme care with putting as much detail regarding our products as we can and expect our customers to take due care prior to committing to purchase any item. As we are a small family based business these requests put a burden on our ability to provide value for money products to our customers. However we will review all requests received regarding returns and/or requests for refund and we ask you to show patience during our process.

 Please email us at if you have any questions or issues.

 Thank you.

Customer Service Manager