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What we mean when we say 'By Women, For Women'

With three generations of women from our family actively involved in running the organisation, Orobelle understands what women want. Having these generational perspectives allows Orobelle to find products that have a sense of personality and individuality and at the same time our products can appeal to women of all ages.

When you look good, you feel good and with this mindset our aim is to help every women look good. 'Oro' means gold in Spanish, and 'Belle' means beautiful in French. These words epitomise our efforts in our products and service. We try and maintain the core customer values in running the organisation but also know that we are not perfect and seek to evolve and continuously improve and become a truly customer driven global organisation.

With sales to places like Sweden, The United Kingdom, Turkey, France, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates just to name a few, we understand the diversity of women all over the world and across all age groups. We also know being women that value for money and exceptional service is a given.

Your conscience can also rest easy. We go through a rigorous sourcing process on our products to ensure that they are rated for their environmental impact as well as abiding by all fair trade policies from around the globe. We care for our planet as well as our customers and want to make our contribution to ensuring sustainable consumption so the world is in harmony for many generations to come.

Please take the time to browse through our range and feel free to ask any questions or provide us with suggestions to improve our already high customer service levels. We always want to excite and delight you with our products and service.

A company run by women, for women all over the world.

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